Over the years, fans and friends have written to me about Jim Croce and how he has touched their lives. It is always a wonderful feeling to know that Jim’s music and memories continue to inspire others. The letters, photos and musical tributes that people have shared with us have helped to keep Jim’s spirit and music alive.

If you feel moved to write about how Jim has touched your life we’d love to hear your story. Please email us here.

Dear Ingrid,

I finished reading your book last evening and feel a strong urge to write you.

In June of 1973, my wife of 54 weeks passed away from an illness that had taken hold of her during much of the short time we were married. We were only 23 years old at the time and the hurt I experienced during her illness and subsequent passign could not be described in words. Although I quickly resumed my life's activites, I was totally in a fog during the weeks that followed.

Then, one morning a short while later, while driving to work (and I remember exactly where on the highway I was), I heard the news about your Jim. I was a total fan, so I was incredibly shocked and saddened at this tragic and unexpected news. But within minutes, as the initial news of his accident had settled in, I somehow felt a sense of comfort, knowign that someone whose music was so special to me, was now in a place where my wife could now benefit from his musical gift. It probably doesn't make much sense, either then or now. But I was strengthened by the loss of two people who touched me in such very different ways. And whose passings occured so close together.

Years later, while hosting a customer event in San Diego, I chose Croce's Restaurant for a gathering of 50 or so special customers. I recall having to schedule the event a bit earlier in the evening than I had intended to ensure that we could be at your place, rather than another establishment, but I did so without regret adn totally enjoyed the evening. My only disappointment was not being able to spend time looking at the photographs or getting to meet you. But the evening was both memorable and fulfilling in many ways.

I am so grateful you wrote the book. I knew virtually nothing about Jim. Now, I feel a stronger connection with his talent. And a huge appreciationg for you for sharing what you did about your lives. Jim's music remains a key part of music collection. But understanding now, the events that led to the creation of those pieces, makes them today, even more special.

Congratulations on what you have accomplished over the past (almost) 40 years. I am another who finds the news of your restaurant closing, most unfortunate. But, I am guessing that the book is not totally closed yet on this chapter in your life. And once more, as you have so admirable in the past, you will venture forward and find yet another silver lining.

Given your desire to share you story, I wanted to briefly share mine and accept your invite to write. In a way, I feel quite connected to you. Certainly more connected now than before I read the book.