About I Got a Name: The Jim Croce Story

The long-awaited biography of legendary singer-songwriter Jim Croce, a revealing portrait of a great artist and a moving love story

I Got a Name : The Jim Croce Story is an unforgettable, bit tersweet, and deeply personal biography of the talented songwriter that captures the rise of the burgeoning counterculture of the ’60s and early ’70s, revealing the man behind the melodic, sweet side of ballads and love songs like “Time in a Bottle” and the grittier, larger-than-life characters who inhabit such hits as “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” and “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim”.

Written in the honest, clear voice of Jim Croce’s widow and singing partner Ingrid Croce, along with musician and writer Jimmy Rock, I Got A Name vividly recreates the days when young, talented musicians were not sought out by slick television shows but had to hone their craft in dive clubs and deal with the constant realities of supporting themselves in any way possible. It also shows the intimate, behind-the-scenes details of what went into becoming a “folk music” legend, as well as encounters with buddies Arlo Guthrie, Jimmy Buffet, and other troubadours.

But the heart of I Got a Name is the ballad of Jim and Ingrid, a love story that is touching in its heartfelt innocence, even as Ingrid deals with the temptations of the touring musician’s lifestyle that Jim was unable to resist. I Got a Name is, like Jim Croce’s songs, a book for everyone who loves music, and especially for those who want to truly understand Croce’s unique gifts and the magic that has caused his songs to endure for more than forty years. 


 Words about Jim Croce

“From ‘Bad, Bad Leroy Brown’ to ‘Time in a Bottle,’ Jim’s writing and heartfelt songs touched me in a way that left me excited and yet speechless. His spectrum of creativity told me that he had so much to say in his writing, in his music, with his instrument, with his voice, and in his songs. His gift haunts me forever.”

—Stevie Wonder

“My memories of Jim have not faded one bit from my memory, from the first time we met in Key West back in the seventies, to the days I spent with him on the road, watching and learning as an opening act. He was simply a big influence on me and I won’t forget him.”

—Jimmy Buffett



“Jim and I were on the road together for about a year, and one of the things I can say that I remember most is that he was a genuinely modest person from the beginning to the end. Some people are humble on stage and then in person they’re not. But Jim was genuinely surprised at what was happening to him and grateful that he was there. He always realized that it was better than driving a truck, and having had that experience, maybe made him appreciate it more than some of us might.”


—Randy Newman


“How lucky are we that a talent like Jim Croce came along in our lifetime. His music and voice will live on long after we’re gone, as well as his reputation as a wonderful human being. Jim Croce, I will always love you.”


—Dolly Parton